An honest portrayal of the commercial real estate market in New York… Plus some thoughts on family, health and life.
Being the CEO of Yourself

I used to have a stone on my desk that said “balance.” While I lost that gift, I strongly believe in its message. But that’s just me, and doesn’t mean it’s right.

“The beauty of life is that we get to choose what has meaning and what doesn’t. There is no right answer, but as CEO, we are in charge.”

Bigger than me

After 18 months of writing and creating a blog, I notice my enthusiasm and enjoyment for writing go from highs to lows. This is an honest post about needing to develop my “why” for writing.

Where are we in the Cycle?

My opinion on the state of the commercial real estate market as we enter Q2 2017. No one knows ‘when things will end’ despite how popular of a question it has become.