An honest portrayal of the commercial real estate market in New York… Plus some thoughts on family, health and life.
Musings on Turning 30 In Quarantine

A good litmus test if you’ve grown in life is to ask yourself: Are you vaguely embarrassed by who you were five years ago? If the answer is yes, that’s good because it means you’ve learned a lot since then.

More Self Belief in 2020

My overarching goal for 2020 is increased self belief. Cultivating a mindset that no matter what happens, I have the resources to prevail, learn, adapt and thrive.

The Benefits of Sharing

Sharing is beautiful and human. Having the courage to share our story helps in times of grief and also makes ordinary moments special.

The Resiliency of NYC

The dominant industries in New York City have changed. But as of this post one thing remains the same: the best talent is in New York City.

Being the CEO of Yourself

I used to have a stone on my desk that said “balance.” While I lost that gift, I strongly believe in its message. But that’s just me, and doesn’t mean it’s right.

“The beauty of life is that we get to choose what has meaning and what doesn’t. There is no right answer, but as CEO, we are in charge.”