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Hi, I’m Evan Fiddle. Thanks for visiting my site. Through this site, I publish a weekly newsletter called Open Book and write longer blog posts here. The topics I cover in my newsletter and blog include commercial real estate, sales, relationships, running, meditation and other forms of self improvement. To sign up for my weekly newsletter where I share the coolest things I’m learning, working on and thinking about, please add your e-mail below. It’s the best way to keep up with me (and also the place where I share things that never turn up on this site). (newsletter sign up bar is here)

Here’s more about me, in under 10 Seconds:

  • 30 years old, living in Manhattan (add emoji)
  • Enjoy running, reading, writing and living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Work as a commercial real estate broker at CBRE. (emoji) To learn more about my work, see my about page.

Popular Posts (formatted nicely, broken up by section: Commercial Real Estate, Relationships, Running, Year-End Reviews.

  1. The Resiliency of NYC