About Me

Hi friend / current client / hopeful future client! Welcome to my site. As a real estate broker at CBRE in Manhattan, I help you, in whatever role that may be, develop and implement a real estate strategy that aligns with your company’s business goals.

We work together to answer the question, “How can I make our office space better for our employees?” Sometimes that means finding, negotiating for and securing the perfect new office for your firm. The one with extra high ceilings, great light and no columns. The space that makes you say… “Ahhh, I love this place. We’re going to do great work here.” Other times we’re not finding the new “ahhh office”, but rather working together to dispose of your space to give you that “ahhh, yes” feeling of relief that comes from finding a subtenant and saving money on your rent obligation. A lot of times we’re renewing your lease, when it’s agreed upon that staying in place is the best decision for your company. The opportunities for our work together are endless (click here to see my professional bio, as well as awards I’ve won within Manhattan’s real estate community.) But do you notice a theme? No matter your goals or role within the organization, we’re always working together – talking, planning, negotiating, reviewing responses – to execute on our agreed upon strategy. To get your real estate from Point A to Point B in a seamless and skilled way. Finally, in addition to my work with tenants, I also advise landlords with the leasing and marketing of their properties. Some of my better known landlord clients include Boston Properties and Brookfield.

Outside of work, like many of you, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love to run (I’ve completed four marathons and have aspirations to do all of the “World Marathon Majors.”) Originally from Chappaqua, NY, I graduated from Amherst College with two degrees – neither of them had anything to do with real estate. One was English. I love to write (hence my blog,) spend time in nature, connect deeply with people and travel. I’m extremely grateful that my job allows me to do all of these things.

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