Try this the Next Time You’re Leaving the Office

Try this the Next Time You’re Leaving the Office

Last week I saw a connection of mine post this article on LinkedIn. Describing an initiative at PepsiCo’s Sydney, Australia office, Robert Rietbroek, CEO PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand says,

‘Leaders Leaving Loudly’ is something we created to ensure that when team leaders leave, they feel comfortable doing so but also to declare it to the broader team. So for instance, if I occasionally go at 4pm to pick up my daughters, I will make sure I tell the people around me, ‘I’m going to pick up my children.’ Because if it’s okay for the boss, then it’s okay for middle management and new hires.

How awesome is that? Even in my job, where how many hours I spend at the office has no correlation to my income or job title, there are cultural pressures to just “be there to be there.” I know there are conversations like the below all the time – at my office, throughout the country and the world (as evidenced by this article, it’s from Australia).

Person 1: I really hope I make this gym class tonight. My boss still hasn’t left.

Person 2: Just go, you’re done with your work.

Person 1: Nope, I can’t leave before she does.

How many of us have created this internal “rule” that says its wrong to leave before your boss leaves? I know I’ve felt this way at times.

Coming up on 5 years in the business, it’s great to be transitioning into a leadership role and I’m lucky to have Ryan Luck, a member of CBRE’s analyst rotational program, working with me right now. Reading this article is a reminder for the type of boss/mentor I want to be.