5 Ways to Increase Productivity Using New Technology

5 Ways to Increase Productivity Using New Technology

I can already hear the skeptics.

“Will these tools actually save me time?”

“Is it worth trying these new technologies if what I do now works for me?”

The answer is, affirmatively, yes.

This morning I had the pleasure of presenting to various CBRE professionals including Mary Ann Tighe, CEO NY Tri-State Region, and Mike Lafitte, Global Group President – Lines of Business & Client Care, on new technology. My age and purposeful interest in technology (see previous post here on my reasoning for using new technology,) led the group to choose me as an appropriate person to lead this discussion.

The first three technologies (Slack, Feedly / Newsify and Asana) are tools I use to reduce e-mail traffic and make me more efficient; the last two technologies (FollowUpThen and the Outlook Mail App) are tools I use to make my e-mail experience better.

Below is the presentation. These technologies can be used by people across all industries and each of them has a free component (as of now, I do not pay for any subscription service.)

What technologies do you use to make you better at your job? Please add feedback and suggestions in the comments section of this post!